Dangerous Combinations

Day 2: Lilith in the Twelfth House

The Lilith Moon Tarot ritual began tonight with all of us in meditation watching the tower fall around us.  Ideals and dreams that once seemed so real to us now rubble on the ground.  We were told to choose a piece of rubble. I chose the hand with bandages, the wounded healer, the artist that could no longer paint.  But you see there are many messages.  Perhaps the artist must find new ways to create and leave old thinking behind.  Experimentation is key.  The healer however must heal themselves as well as others, or learn to ask for help. Asking for help is key.

If there’s anything Elegba does it’s show you where the keys are. And Lilith, well she destroys illusion, leaving truth and a clear path.

The next stone a piece of our past which we do not wish to let go of. I pulled the engagement ring.  My time with Brian on this earth was and is precious to me and in a way inspired me to be better.  I took a hard road with that one but friends along the way helped me along. Because of this I know I must “be” something.

On this path, a Fools journey of sorts we come to a piece from the present. I choose a bag of money which is later taken from me by Preston. In return I receive and hour glass. I take Mani’s four leaf clover which I’ve accidentally picked up twice before. In the end I trade the hour glass and patience for a reading. The card I get is the Emperor reversed. This pertains to work. I need structure but I have luck. I touch the edges of the four leaf clover as it represents my future.

Emperor Reversed: Resistance to change.  Create structure to work and focus on positive intent. Clean the house of what isn’t needed or wanted.  Pay attention to people’s intentions.  Focus and clearing are key factors.

This all makes sense when your black moon Lilith is in the 12th house and in Leo.

Lilith: black and red.

Elegba: black and red.

Fortuna: green baby green.


I slept 5 hours.


Some sort of festival.  There’s hot rods there.  Older men are showing their younger girlfriends off.  The girls giggle but roll their eyes. I’m wondering why I’m at a festival. I hate festivals but like the cars, especially the red ones. I like the checkered picnic cloths too.




A new series of photographs and working on a private commission. 


Incredibly even. Calm, cool, collected.


Patience and the Universe from the Psychic Tarot.


For the third time in 3 days someone has mentioned Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Cat freaked out on me badly when I tried to take her in from outside.

I bring my Eshu into the bed with me.  I start dreaming again.


Edited a story for submission

Created the next email for my email list


Looked up places to submit writing to.

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